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ADIOS Business Suite | Collaboration made easily


Simple user interface and many features 'under one roof' make ADIOS Business Suite a great solution for managing small teams or companies. It offers very broad set of features that every manager will value in his work.

Imrich Tatiersky, project manager and startup-er

By adopting ADIOS Business Suite we solved our problems with operability, flexibility and customer support quality. Thanks ADIOS we improved our level of services and our customers get more added value.

Ľubomír Novák, CFO

We like ADIOS Business Suite because it automates all our essential processes needed to run our business smoothly. We considerably boosted up our efficiency almost immediately.

Ľubomír Harmanovský, enterpreneur

Great, simple and very helpful ! This is how I would describe ADIOS Business Suite. Thanks guys for such a product.

Peter Rusko, CEO

ADIOS is simply a great solution to automate our daily tasks. Calendars and projects are essential for us and we can't work without ADIOS Business Suite anymore.

Peter Rybánsky, associate at law company

We like ADIOS Business Suite very much. We are using a proprietary module tailored for our needs and we adopted it in whole company.

Daniel Coulton Shaw, CEO

ADIOS Business Suite offers very clear user interface and is so easy to use that we did not have to learn it for more than few minutes. And it comes with plenty of useful features.

Srinivas Madipalli, enterpreneur

ADIOS Business Suite is very flexible and I like this flexibility. You can use standard modules or you can have your own proprietary module tailored for your business. Great job ADIOS!

Rastislav Hornák, CTO