Business Suite
ADIOS Business Suite | Collaboration made easily


Easy to use webmail client with customer communication tracking

With emails you can track email communication between your customers and you or your employees. Gives you perfect overview of how your company takes care of your customers.

Catch all emails in your company

Catch all incomming or outgoing emails and get informed about how your employees communicate with your customers or what do your customers need from them.

Read, reply, forward, search

Send and receive emails as in standard email clients.

Attach emails to tasks, tickets or contacts

Attach emails to all objects and easily track email communication with your customers.<br/>

Attachments and ignored messages

Set the maximum size for imported attachments or create rules for ignoring messages with e.g. unwanted subjects or from blocked sender to save your disk space.

Contacts Addressbook
Discussions and instant chat
Project Management
Email newsletters
Helpdesk & ticketing

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