Business Suite
ADIOS Business Suite | Collaboration made easily


Discussion board with attachments and URL highlighting and instant chat with context features.

Discuss your thougths with your colleagues. Add attachements to each posts. Easily point to any content in ADIOS with context features. Your colleagues will be notified via email.

Discussion board

Create discussions. Allow access to your discussions only selected colleagues.

Instant chat with context features

Use instant chat to discuss the hottest problems. Type context patterns to point on specific object in ADIOS (e.g. the top-priority task).

Email notifications

Active discussion members get email notifications for each post unless they disable notifications manually.

Simple 'to-do style' checkbox

Mark posts as done with a simple 'to-do style' checkbox. Keep your discussion tidy with no reduntant information.

Contacts Addressbook
Discussions and instant chat
Project Management
Email newsletters
Helpdesk & ticketing

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