Business Suite
ADIOS Business Suite | Collaboration made easily


CRM, sales support, customer hunting

Find your customers easily and track all their activities linked with your company.

Customer activity tracking

Track all activities you have realised with your customers to convert the lead to a business. Track business trips and travelled disstances.

Locate your customers on map

Plan your business trips with a customer map to effectively manage your working time. Analyze your strongest and weakest regions.

Plan meetings or calls

Precisely plan future activities like meetings, calls, business trips you negotiated with your customer.

Follow-up and newsletter tracking

Track follow-up newsletters that your colleagues have sent to your customers. Get complete image of your company's communication with the customer.

Google+ integration

Find customer profiles on Google+ with a single click.

Contacts Addressbook
Discussions and instant chat
Project Management
Email newsletters
Helpdesk & ticketing

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