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Full-featured contacts addressbook synchronized with Google

Manage your contacts easily and clearly with ADIOS Business Suite addressbook.

Structured contacts addressbook

Manage your contacts in a structured and easy to browse database. You can search search contacts with a fulltext search or with a more precise search criteria (e.g. only by contact's name).

Operations with multiple contacts

For faster experience, you can do many operations with multiple contacts at a time. E.g. sending an email newsletter to thounsands of your contacts is the matter of few clicks.

Importing contacts from Google account

You can import your contacts from your Google account or from a regular CSV file. Do not have to spend time adding each record manually.

Colorized contact categories

To get a better view over your addressbook, each contact can be assigned to multiple categories and each category has defined its color. Your addressbook gets more clear.

Contacts Addressbook
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