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ADIOS Business Suite | Collaboration made easily


Outlook-styled calendars synchronized with Google

With ADIOS calendars you will not get lost in your daily tasks. You will appreciate its intuitive interface and full functionality.

Private or shared calendars

Create your own calendars and share them with your colleagues or employees. Everybody in your team will know when your are free and when not.

System calendars at one place

Some ADIOS Business Suite modules have their own calendars, e.g. Manitoo features milestones or work plan calendar. All these system calendars can be displayed on one screen.

Synchronized with Google calendars

, Set up each of your own calendars to be synchronized with a concrete Google calendar. And you will see all your events on your Android device instantly.

Drag&drop interface

Move your events just with a single click and drag&drop. Saves your time while arranging your daily tasks.

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